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Our team

Innovate UK's great strength is its people. Our team of around 200 come from a wide range of businesses and backgrounds; what they share is enthusiasm, expertise and a passion for our goal - to work with business to accelerate the pace of UK business innovation.

Our business support group helps with information and advice on funding competitions and many other questions. Specialists help customers with grants, claims and monitoring of innovation projects. To do this we have to listen, learn, help and advise. We spend a lot of our time talking and listening.

Our relationship teams work with partners – such as government bodies and research organisations – so that we can act together to speed up innovation.
Our technology specialists get out and about listening to businesses - looking at the opportunities they see, the barriers they face, and what they need to bring new products and services more quickly to market.

Our programme teams run our innovation funding programmes for business such as Smart or SBRI.

We have communication experts to make clear what we do and how we can help; staff for proper management of our finances, and teams for business planning and research.
We aim to be both aspirational and highly effective. As a group of people we are curious, creative and passionate about innovation, but at the same time focused on solutions.